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4848 Highway 11
Pelham, AL 35124
United States


Arden Ward Upton, known for her keen eye and southern style. Has curated gifts  for wedding, lifestyle and original art. Arden has worked as a photographer for over a decade photographing some of the South's most exclusive weddings as well as weddings all over the world. During her time as a photographer she has developed a distinctive look and style that is shared on this site and with her customers throughout the years. Arden is also known for her fine art photography available in limited signed editions.

Equus Collection

ACU  504583.jpg
Coming Up
from 1,500.00
KBM  422184 (1).jpg
L'ami Noir
from 1,500.00
AWH  221000.jpg
The Stallion
from 800.00
KBM  422184 (sq).jpg
L'ami Noir Detail
from 800.00
MKW  340125-Edit.jpg
Midnight Dance Detail
from 800.00
AWH  221078.jpg
Banker Horse Detail
from 800.00
AWH  220889.jpg
from 925.00
AWH  221291-Edit full res final.jpg
Mare on Dune
from 500.00
ABL  329717.jpg
The Jump
from 750.00
AWW  340641.jpg
from 500.00
MKW  340125-Edit full res final.jpg
Midnight Dance
from 1,800.00
ACU  504486.jpg
Take A Bow
from 3,400.00
AWH  221263.jpg
True Love
from 750.00
AHC  476843.jpg
from 800.00
AWW  340588.jpg
from 550.00
AWW  340431 (1).jpg
from 550.00
AWW  340417.jpg
from 350.00
AWH  220728.jpg
Abstract Yearling
from 1,450.00
AWH  221194-Edit full res final.jpg
Banker Mare
from 500.00
AWH  221060.jpg
The Matriarch
from 500.00
Red ACI  551441_1.jpg
from 1,500.00
Friends ACI  543884_1.jpg
from 800.00
Friends 2 ACI  543898_1.jpg
Friends II
from 800.00
Mama ACI  543726RESIZEFORWEB.jpg
from 500.00
Hotel de la Poste ACI  543804.jpg
Hotel de la Poste
from 1,250.00
Cortina D'ampezzo ACI  543822.jpg
Cortina D'ampezzo
from 1,400.00
Cortina ACI  543840.jpg
from 1,200.00
Estella ACI  543854 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
from 600.00
coming Home ACI  543862 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Coming Home
from 900.00
Horse Crossing ACI  543866.jpg
Horse Crossing
from 800.00
Horse Crossing 2 ACI  543872  RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Horse Crossing II
from 800.00
Ruinart ACI  543902 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
from 800.00
Next Chukker  ACI  544088 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Next Chukker
from 600.00
Dolomites ACI  544100 RESZIE FOR WEB.jpg
from 800.00
Polo Classic ACI  543754.jpg
Polo Classic
from 600.00
Polo Plus ACI  544000 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Polo Plus
from 1,250.00
Gold Cup ACI  544054 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Gold Cup
from 800.00
tre cavalli ACI  551544 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Tre Cavalli
from 800.00
Prince Fergie MKS  691577.jpg
Prince Fergie
from 800.00
Saddle MKS  691468.jpg
from 800.00
Show Ring ABL  329725 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Show Ring
from 800.00
Phoenix ACC  689078 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
from 200.00
Flip Sides 1 AEC  686607.jpg
Flip Sides I
from 600.00
Flip Sides 2 AEC  686610.jpg
Flip Sides II
from 600.00
Calm Hands AEC  686883 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Calm Hands
from 500.00
Lady Darya AEC  686906_1 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Lady Darya
from 1,500.00
Concentration AEC  686977.jpg
from 600.00
Move ForwardAEC  686966 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Move Forward
from 600.00
Sisters AEC  687126.jpg
from 800.00
Sister Darya AEC  687159.jpg
Sister Darya
from 1,500.00
Sister Dori AEC  687161.jpg
Sister Dori
from 1,500.00
Two Sisters AEC  687129 (1) RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Two Sisters
from 600.00
My Love AEC  687150 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
My Love
from 1,250.00
Two Ladies AEC  687186_1.jpg
Two Ladies
from 1,250.00
Tall Dark and Handsome AEC  687453.jpg
Tall Dark Handsome
from 500.00
Sun Kissed AEC  687496 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Sun Kissed
from 500.00
Ray of Light AEC  687504 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Ray of Light
from 500.00
The Herd AWH  220985.jpg
The Herd
from 300.00
Brownie AWH  220977.jpg
from 500.00
Shackleford Mares AWH  221052 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Shackleford Mares
from 500.00
Outerbanks Mares AWH  221168 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Outerbanks Mares
from 500.00
Outer Banks Stallion AWH  221235 RESIZE FOR WEB.jpg
Outerbanks Stallion
from 1,750.00