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4848 Highway 11
Pelham, AL 35124
United States


Arden Ward Upton, known for her keen eye and southern style. Has curated gifts  for wedding, lifestyle and original art. Arden has worked as a photographer for over a decade photographing some of the South's most exclusive weddings as well as weddings all over the world. During her time as a photographer she has developed a distinctive look and style that is shared on this site and with her customers throughout the years. Arden is also known for her fine art photography available in limited signed editions.


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You asked, I am telling!

Arden Ward Upton

Everyone keeps asking where is my smile... So here is my answer:

It is two fold.

First, I smile but I don’t give my smiles away for free it has to be my true emotion. I have always been like this. It stems from my childhood. I would say that my childhood was unpleasant at best. As a matter of fact, I don’t even feel like I really had one at all. I can remember times when I was happy with my father and he was a great father but unless I was with him I felt unloved. I grew up in a house that would give you a feeling of manipulated emotions or that love had to be earned. A merit based love as a child has never created someone who smiles all the time I am sure. And a tough childhood doesn’t make a carefree attitude in adulthood.



In addition to this style childhood, I have spent from my early teens until I was 30 being embarrassed of my smile. At the age of 30 I was finally in a position to do something about my teeth but until then I practiced covering them when I talked and a smile in a picture was either forced or because someone actually took a photo of me laughing.  Thankfully now a newfound confident smile is slowly emerging. I credit my orthodontist with emergence of a happy unashamed smile!


Want to know something else? You ask, I’ll tell.
Before Braces

Before Braces

William brings out the big smiles in me!

William brings out the big smiles in me!

More big smiles with William

More big smiles with William

Windwood Equestrian Horse makes cameo appearance on Bravo TV

Arden Ward Upton

A stable favorite of ours "Quest" makes a cameo appearance on Bravo Tv Show Jersey Belle. I am riding him in this trailer and be sure to watch Jersey Belle on Bravo TV Monday nights 10/9c to see more of Quest, William, myself, the star of the show Jaime Primak Sullivan and the rest of the Birmingham Belles . 

I hope everyone will tune in or DVR the season. 8 days and counting! Our group of Belles will make you laugh, make you cry and hopefully make you want to be Southern.